GAMUTronics, LLC
Engineering Full Solutions
Engineering Design Services

GAMUTronics is a United States invention and product development company offering innovative design solutions to real-world problems.  We solve the full GAMUT of your problem with expertise in:

  • Analog and Digital Electronics Design (Including RF)
  • Software/Firmware Development and Debug
  • PCB Layout and Fabrication
  • Bill of Materials
  • Outsourced patent design
  • Prototyping and Pre-production Runs
  • Regulatory Compliance (FCC, CISPR, UL, CE, etc.)
  • RFID System and Software Solutions
    • NFC / RFID FieldFinder
      • Provides a non-intrusive test of Contactless Payment (Apple Pay, Google Wallet) and Badge Access Systems
    • Custom RFID transponders
    • Custom Reader and Antenna Solutions