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NFC/RFID Tester for Mobile Payment, Badge Access, and Item Tracking Applications

Apple Pay and Google Wallet are now available in hundreds of thousands of stores in the US and beyond.  We have worked with some of the retailers that accept Apple Pay  and Google Wallet to help deploy this technology, allowing installers and store personnel to verify, troubleshoot, and maintain their equipment.

FieldFinder is an NFC field tester that allows you to see if the payment portal is operating.

 GAMUTronics NFC FieldFinder

In the form of a key fob, FieldFinder provides a quick, convenient means of verifying the proper operation of payment terminals and any device equiped with NFC (Near Field Communications) and popular RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) technologies. 


How it Works

FieldFinder has a light embedded on the keyfob that lights up in the presence of activated payment terminals, RFID readers and NFC devices.  FieldFinder lights up when the equipment under test is transmitting its signal properly. You can test any 13.56MHz RFID/NFC system without interrupting service or communications.


FieldFinder makes an ideal addition to a store manager’s key ring, or the toolkit of installation, maintenance, and security staff to verify and/or troubleshoot RFID Readers and Payment terminals.

Customize Your FieldFinder 

Ask GAMUTronics about custom form factors, printing and labeling for your business!